A New Schedule of Writing


Welcome to this new and scary thing for me that is a more regular schedule of writing. I hope to make this terrifying but exciting little project a weekly occurrence and I’m incredibly happy to have you as a part of it.

So, what’s the idea? Well, I’ve always wanted a way to share and document more, mostly for myself, around two topics that are so close and important to me: being a designer and living with type 1 diabetes. Selfishly, I’d love to use this blog as a way to keep me accountable in putting down words for myself, as a way to get back into this hobby I love, writing, and to have words to look back on one day.

For most who live with type 1 diabetes, an incurable autoimmune disease, the diagnosis happens when we’re young. Those of you reading this might remember growing up and knowing at least one person in school who relied on self-regulating both their insulin and sugar levels. I met my first friend, who was living with type 1 diabetes, in fourth grade, and I remember never quite understanding what she was going through and always being too timid to ask.

As an adult at nearing 24 years old, I felt like I was finally beginning to find my way in life. I had a partner who I was, and still am, very much in love with, a job I found to be inspiring and challenging and was proud of how healthy I felt.

Those feelings of comfort and stability nearly completely disappeared within just a few days. I’d love to share more about the diagnosis story in a later update, but for now, what happened was within the span of just a few days, I became incredibly ill, landed myself in the hospital for a few days, and was then discharged as a person with type 1 diabetes. That comfortable world I just described felt like it had nearly flipped and what consumed me now were feelings of pure overwhelm with how much much I had to learn, and really, relearn.

So, in short, my hope is to use this space as a medium to share more about my life as both a designer, a human with T1D, how the two intersect, and maybe some productivity neediness, too. Interested? I hope so! I’d love to have you stick around.