Missing Normalcy

5/4/2020 • COVID-19

It feels like it’s going to be a tough week of bleak numbers ahead and my mind really just felt like it needed the break.

Today’s Sunday and I felt myself missing the outside world more than I have yet. Missing routines that involve leaving the house, missing people, missing quick runs to the grocery store. I recently heard someone say something that really stuck regarding this isolation period, however, and wanted to share.

It’s not that we’re not being locked inside, no. We have the privilege and ability to stay inside to protect ourselves from what’s currently outside.

With each day that passes, I’m feeling more and more grateful that I have a job which allows me to be remote, and well, that I still have a job. Many friends and peers posted that they’ve lost their jobs, their income, and their ability to pay upcoming bills. It’s heartbreaking and I wish so desperately that I could help in more meaningful ways.