Week Notes: April 20 - April 27

20/4/2020 • Weeknotes

  1. Published a new template to the Figma Community! If you love organizing like myself, this template will help you and your team create file thumbnails, where the company logo, status, fields, and avatars are all easily customizable.
  2. Hosted a livestream with Mark Johnson & Jess Chaidez from Mixpanel! We talked all about how to give feedback to peers, especially now that we’re remote. It was super fun and I’m happy that I was able to work both of them!
  3. Provided a few friends and younger designers with portfolio feedback. It’s super humbling to be able to take a look at new portfolios and realize once again just how talented designers there are in this field of ours.
  4. Finished day 7 of running, for 14mi total! A few thoughts, from someone who’s new to it:
    • It’s difficult, but I’ve reached a point where I’m able to just zone out and think
    • For me, it’s seemingly the only activity that completely takes my mind off of current events
    • I want to go further
    • Ice baths are 👍
  5. Like most, I find that I spend lots of time searching around for screen info & mockups for modern devices… so, I created a new project to help with this! Nearly every device, with all screen information, and a link to a component mockup in Figma. whatsthatsize.design