Week Notes: April 27 - May 3

4/27/2020 • Weeknotes

  1. If you’re new to @figmadesign, or if you & your team want to explore what a bit of tidying feels like, I made a template to help! Set team names, descriptions, icons, & more just once, and see it all populate within a mockup to share w/ your team.
  2. Had a chance to share the virtual stage at Remote Design Conference with both Tom Lowry and Anthony DiSpezio. We shared a bit about how we approach remote design and the practices we do to try and foster a remote-first approach for our own team over at Figma. Preview of everyone in Figma
  3. Had the ability to help teach another General Assembly course this week—it’s so recharging to work with students! To be able to help them learn Figma and to share my experience as a designer is an opportunity that I’m really grateful for.