Week Notes: March 9 - 15

3/9/2020 • Weeknotes

A few days ago, I came across this tweet by Dan Mall, where he shared that he’s trying out a new project that is publishing what he calls weeknotes” to his site. I really love this idea, as it’s an easy way to both share what you’re up to and keep a running journal of personal and professional progress. So, I thought I’d give it a try myself! I plan to also do these weekly, and to kick it off, here’s my first list:

  1. Published a simple to-do list app, built with light & dark mode components, each with auto layout, to the Figma Community.
  2. Learned lots about how others are approaching layout grids when designing for iOS.
    • Linzi Berry’s reply, citing how they tackle this at Lyft.
  3. Connected with Barton Smith, a Product Designer over at Spotify, to see how they’re setting up their design system(s) within Figma. Learned a lot!
  4. Purchased joeyabanks.photo to test Tim Van Damme’s self-hosted photo stream project.
  5. Due to COVID19, I had the experience to work remotely for an entire week for the first time in my career.