Week Notes: May 18 - May 24

18/5/2020 • Weeknotes


  1. Wrote and published a blog post detailing how I use Notion!
  2. Virtually met with and provided career advice to two designers who just graduated.
  3. Read and took notes on Dan Eden’s 3x3 GTD blog post.
  4. Began learning SwiftUI! Started this 100 Days of Swift course and am really excited!
  5. I really enjoy using checklists to keep track of things I need to do and I find myself creating mini lists all the time inside of my Figma files. I published this resource, which will allow anyone to do the same.

What are Week Notes?

I recently came across this tweet by Dan Mall, where he shared that he’s trying out a new project that is publishing what he calls Weeknotes” to his site. I really love this idea, as it’s an easy way to both share what you’re up to and keep a running journal of personal and professional progress.